About us

     Meet Orlando and Liz, we are the heart and soul behind Alchimia Coffee – a micro-roastery in Magnolia, TX. Here, we embark on a journey, meticulously roasting small batches of Specialty coffee sourced from all corners of the world.
     Our story is woven with the threads of passion, intricately tied to our Colombian roots. The love for coffee runs deep in our veins, creating a unique bond with this cherished elixir. Alchimia Coffee is more than just a micro-roastery; it's a manifestation of a dream nurtured over two decades.
     For 20 years, we dedicated ourselves to exploring the art of roasting, honing our skills to transform raw coffee beans into liquid gold. Each batch is a testament to our unwavering commitment and the culmination of years spent perfecting the craft. We're excited to share Alchimia Coffee with you - a sensory experience where craftsmanship meets love and every cup tells a story.
     Join us on this odyssey where the alchemy of coffee and Alchimia /al.ki'mi.a/ unfolds. Let the aroma and flavor weave a tapestry of emotions, connecting you to our story, our heritage, and the magic that happens when passion meets the perfect roast.